founded in the UK . . .
Shushokan, or more properly the Shushokan Shito-ryu Karate Organisation (SSKO), was founded in the UK in September 2007, with the permission of Yamada Sensei, 9th Dan, and President of the Shito-ryu Shukokai Union. Shushokan was especially honoured to be named by Yamada Sensei, and to receive our kanji drawn by Yamada Sensei's own hand, during a trip to Japan in 2007.


SSKO quickly established a network of 9 club nights in the UK at different venues run by the founding members. New members joined from the very first training nights, and a number of old 'training pals' soon joined the new association.
`effort and result are one. . .`
Shushokan comes from the statement ‘shusho ichi no otoshi’ which can be translated as 'effort and result are one'.
This statement sums up the Shushokan philosphy and approach to its Karate. It also closely mirrors the philosphy of both the late Tani Sensei and Yamada Sensei.
Since its foundation Shushokan membership has grown year on year and additional training sessions have been added to club nights.

senior members . . .
Senior members are; Sensei Lou Vaughan 3rd Dan Shidoin, Sensei Alan Turner 3rd Dan and Sensei Paul Jones 5th Dan Shidoin. 
With enthusiastic members, and massive support from assistant instructors, parents and volunteer helpers, SSKO regularly sends squads and individuals to compete in UK and European competitions.

Shushokan is particularly strong in the Welsh Marches having clubs throughout Shropshire, Herefordshire, Powys, and Monmouthshire.
top level instruction . . .
The purpose of Shushokan is simply to provide members the opportunity to study the traditional Karate system called Shito-ryu Shukokai, as practised and taught in Japan.
As a consequence Shushokan Instructors and Senior Students visit Japan each year to train with the Masters of the Style and to meet their Japanese counterparts.

Although Shushokan has very close and strong links with Japan, and to traditional Japanese Karate teaching, it is neither isolationist nor introspective, and regularly trains with other like minded Shito-ryu groups.